We strive to earn the lasting trust of our clients – to have them see us as their partners in the work we do together.

We earn trust by offering them value far beyond their expectations. We speak amongst ourselves of hallmarks – the characteristics they see as important and that we’d like to be measured by:

  • They expect us to be responsive. We look to provide a relationship that fits seamlessly with their own internal organization.
  • They expect us to provide quality service. We look beyond the immediacy of the jobs we do, to focus also on the big-picture perspective of their development process, and we look to eliminate process time.
  • They expect us to be innovative. We look to redefine the parameters of CAD, IT, Merchandising and Uniforms, Import/Export and Print Solutions.
  • They expect us to honors the integrity of our business relationships. We look to serving their (and our) larger community in a meaningful and positive way.
  • Pete Yates

    "Impexsoft team is accurate, fast. great communicators, willing to go the extra mile and are a pleasure to deal with. I am very happy to the services I receive."

  • Allen Bryson

    We can always count on Impexsoft to meet our deadlines. They are committed to their clients and will always be sure that your business needs are met. They have never failed to put our interest first. And, they are pleasant to work with.

Our five divisions

CAD/CAM Services

IT Services

Import & Export

Print Solutions

Marchandising & Uniforms