Impexsoft Solution brings extensive experience in Industry combined with personal credibility to the table. The CEO of Impexsoft Solution, Sandip Desai is an alumni of India’s best institutions with a network to match. As the CEO of company he brings instant acceptability to the people across the table.

Impexsoft Solution offers assistance from start to finish. We can identify potential targets, make the approach, identify the appropriate target, conduct valuation & negotiate. We can then create legal agreements and retain oversight of the relationship if necessary.

Market Research

The best way to create an India entry strategy is to study the market.

We can conduct a quick market study for you to assess the Indian market .This provides a low cost method for you to decide the best way forward to address the Indian Market.

Impexsoft Solution employs qualified engineers & MBAs who will visit potential customers and distributors, study current trends and information and come up with a quick market study and recommendation is a typical period of 60 days

Establishing relationships in India

Identification, Selection, Monitoring, Negotiation and Agreements with
  • Distributors
  • Partners
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
Here is the standard process
  • Impexsoft Solution identifies potential distributors/partners/suppliers/Customers
  • Shortlist prepared using client criteria
  • Visits and meetings with the Shortlist (with or without Client participation)
  • Final selection and negotiations
  • Agreements signed
  • Impexsoft Solution optionally provides oversight on an ongoing basis
  • Pete Yates

    "Impexsoft team is accurate, fast. great communicators, willing to go the extra mile and are a pleasure to deal with. I am very happy to the services I receive."

  • Allen Bryson

    We can always count on Impexsoft to meet our deadlines. They are committed to their clients and will always be sure that your business needs are met. They have never failed to put our interest first. And, they are pleasant to work with.

  • John A

    Over the past two years, I have worked with Impexsoft and have been very pleased with their work. they are very professional, responsive and delivers quality work promptly and reliably. I can recommend Impexsoft with no reservation. I consider them to be one of my best consultants.

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