Explore World’s Most Potential and Rapidly Growing Market, “Indian Market”

Impexsoft Solution assists companies around the Globe to do their commercial Business mission in India.

Impexsoft Solution is a professionally managed Importer, Exporter & Distributor of FMCG, Health and Beauty, Consumer, Consumable, Plumbing, Chemical, Automotive and Industrial Products.

Through our understanding of both business and cultural climates in your country & India, we act as an effective two-way business interface and facilitator for your company. We work with you from start to finish to deliver an agreed outcome.

Impexsoft Solution has over a hundred employees across India with the majority being in Mumbai, which is the business hub of India. We have engineers, MBAs, plastic technologists, accountants, sales & IT personnel. In addition we have a majority shareholding in an IT services company as well as alliances with a legal firm and an accounting firm. This helps provide a comprehensive service package.

Impexsoft Solution conducts business as well as consults. This gives us a unique perspective. When we are consulting, we know what is going on in the environment as we are busy buying & selling products. Conversely our consulting activity provides insight for our distribution & sourcing businesses.

We have a 30 strong back-office staff which specializes in web-research. For any product, activity or opportunity this unit quickly generates background information, contact shortlists etc. This is a unique advantage for Impexsoft Solution.

  • Pete Yates

    "Impexsoft team is accurate, fast. great communicators, willing to go the extra mile and are a pleasure to deal with. I am very happy to the services I receive."

  • Allen Bryson

    We can always count on Impexsoft to meet our deadlines. They are committed to their clients and will always be sure that your business needs are met. They have never failed to put our interest first. And, they are pleasant to work with.

  • John A

    Over the past two years, I have worked with Impexsoft and have been very pleased with their work. they are very professional, responsive and delivers quality work promptly and reliably. I can recommend Impexsoft with no reservation. I consider them to be one of my best consultants.

Our five divisions

CAD/CAM Services

IT Services

Import & Export

Print Solutions

Marchandising & Uniforms