Food for Thought

At Impexsoft Solution we take the view that good people ultimately decide to leave their current jobs before they begin to search for new ones. There are a variety of reasons for concluding it’s time to move on. Here are eight, along with eight provocative thoughts on why you should consider Impexsoft Solution as your new home away from home. Pick the one that fits:

1. You’re stuck

You’ve been performing the same task…at the same desk…in the same office, for longer than you can remember. And there’s no end in sight. Food for the table. No food for the mind.
At Impexsoft Solution, we think personal growth is job 1.

2. No one knows you’re there

It’s not the money that’s a problem. It’s that you’ve been going through the same door for three years now – and not once have you heard the words “Good job!” Job satisfaction is a key goal at Impexsoft Solution.

3. Solitary confinement

Lunch at your desk is a given. Dinner at your desk is considered an honor. Be sure to keep your eyes lowered on your way to the washroom. Sense of community is a cornerstone at Impexsoft Solution.

4. No risk. No reward

So, you think you can bite off more responsibility. Can you prove it? No experience? Not likely!
Test your wings at Impexsoft Solution. We believe small risks can pay large rewards.

5. Pay doesn’t quite match performance

Do you hear more reasons why you shouldn’t get a raise than why you should? Does there seem to be disconnecting between adding value and higher pay? At Impexsoft Solution we believe ‘pay’ and ‘performance’ should be dancing partners.

6. Playing second fiddle with your personal life

It’s your job to drop off the kids at daycare. But that means you’re fifteen minutes late for work every day. “It’s your problem. Fix it!” they say. We’ve already “fixed it” at Impexsoft Solution. It’s called flexible hours.

7. You’re tired of being on a losing team

Your current Company is continuously losing contracts. And it seems like every payday there’s a scramble to cover the cheques. Think Impexsoft Solution – think opportunity. Impexsoft Solution’s business has grown by more than 100% every year since its inception.

8. The wrong stuff

Somehow you seem to have clarity of vision that’s missing in the people around you – especially in what the client needs and wants. But you can’t convince your co workers to listen.
Seeing the big picture from the client’s point of view is the single biggest factor in building a successful company. It’s called “getting it”. Impexsoft Solution gets it.